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How to start with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform?

How to start with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform?
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E. Schatz28.11.2019

Almost every Salesforce customer needs integration. For you, that is called an opportunity.

Integration is often being presented as much more complicated than it really is. There are much more complex fields of IT that are generally less payed and you might even right now be doing something like that. That is why it makes sense for you to ask yourself if you could prosper more in integration, because probably you could.

To be able to give yourself an answer on that question, you should know what integration is and what does Mulesoft has to do with it. So, let's start!

Integration is called a procedure of connecting various systems. There are many shades of it, but I will tell you about one of the most common situations. Let's imagine that some company has over a hundred systems such as ERP, CRM, Software A, Software B, etc. Software A sends some objects (in OOP sense, plain simple objects) and Software B wants them as objects that it can understand. Your task would be to use Mulesoft to grab this incoming object from Software A, to transform it according to the instructions that you would get from the customer and to send it to Software B. And that's mostly what you would do.


Of course, I am not mentioning security layers here, nor various other predictable and unpredictable complications, but you have those in your current line of work, don't you? Mulesoft, as one of the biggest platforms in the field of integration, has made sure that integration isn't a nightmare. Au contraire, people from Mulesoft have tried to prepare something called a connector, to make your life much easier. By using Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, you will not have to worry how to make an if statement, because you do it by drag and dropping. You would have a ready-to-use SAP connector for example. You would also have such a connector to connect to a database or to read an email, and much more.

The fastest way of learning Mulesoft is to join Friends of Mulesoft and contact some of the staff members. Here you can get a free education and contacts with companies that would most certainly provide you a very good job opportunity.




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