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MuleSoft world statistics by Friends of MuleSoft

MuleSoft world statistics by Friends of MuleSoft
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Lately we attended a MuleSoft Meetup organized by Mr. Muhammad Alaa, a respectable MuleSoft architect from the company Devoteam. One of the topics was organized by Friends of MuleSoft team and presented by our editor-in-chief, Mr. Edo Schatz.

When we at Friends of MuleSoft were invited to take part as the lecturer on the first MuleSoft meetup in the city of Hague, we could have also chosen a pure technical topic. As technical journalists, we tried to bring something different and to open a debate that would first of all benefit MuleSoft specialists. Since the format of an online meetup is not the best possible choice to present such variety of data and because of the high interest of the community, we decided to present the data for you here again.

About the data

As you can imagine, Friends of MuleSoft has, in one way or another, already been in contact with almost every company related to MuleSoft, both MuleSoft partner companies and current or potential MuleSoft customers alike. Although we are surprisingly not using Salesforce as our CRM, as any other organization that wants to survive as part of a business ecosystem, we carefully store the data and have our own numbers, based on those data and many reliable sources known to FoMS. The numbers that you are about to see are presented without any warranty. All those data are based on FoMS analytics and they are being published because of the interest of the community and we present them in good will. Our goal was, is and it will always be to use Friends of MuleSoft as a place that helps the specialists to benefit more. We strongly believe that if MuleSoft partner companies have the goal to acquire more money, so should you. That is why we recommend you to read and think about our data carefully and to try to use it for your own financial benefit by simply following the law of the market that goes something like this: “Rare specialist are more hard to find, thus they cost more.”

Enterprise integration market

The enterprise application integration market was valued at almost 10 billion US dollars in the year of 2020 and it is expected to reach around 23 billion US dollars by the year of 2026. That leads us to the conclusion of the annual growth rate of over 15% through the period between 2021 and 2026. It is also expected that the cloud computing will emphasize the enterprise integration market significantly.


To talk about MuleSoft and not to mention Salesforce would not make any sense. For those who might not be aware of it, Salesforce is the very most popular CRM in the world, with a market share of almost 20%. The fact that over three million people are following Salesforce on LinkedIn speaks for itself, when it comes taking Salesforce into consideration while analyzing MuleSoft’s potential. Salesforce has around 60.000 employees with around 30% of them in the USA. There are 8% of the employees in India and around 1.800 employees related to MuleSoft in this way or another. According to our sources, there are less than 70 MuleSoft certified developers and only about 30 MuleSoft certified architects, which are generally quite rare to find.

The number that is the most important to the MuleSoft specialists’ community is how many customers Salesforce has. With more than 150.000 customers, how many Salesforce integrations are there for you to organize, design, develop or maintain? About 60% of those customers are located in the USA, but there are still those other 40% all around the world for you to find them in your vicinity and to offer them your knowledge and services.

MuleSoft LLC in numbers

MuleSoft as a company has over 170.000 followers in LinkedIn. The company itself has something like 2.500 employees and 50% of them are in the USA. According to our information, there are something around 280 MuleSoft certified developers and 30 MuleSoft certified architects. MuleSoft company claims to have about 1.600 customers, which is actually an astonishing number, taking into consideration that MuleSoft is taking a significant share of the market in the last few years only. It is interesting to notice that again like with Salesforce, around 60% of the customers are from the USA. It only proves what is to be expected; Salesforce will use its customer base to offer MuleSoft to those 150.000 customer as its own ready-to-use enterprise integration solution. And then again, how many integrations will be there for you to organize, design, develop or maintain and to financially benefit from it?

MuleSoft related specialists

If you take a look at the number of all those on LinkedIn who claim to be somehow related to MuleSoft, you will get a number of almost 50.000 people. This number could easily lead you to a very wrong conclusion because it includes developers, architects, executives, management, advisors, sales, human resource, representatives and all those with any experience or contact with MuleSoft as a company or technology.

The truth is that, according to our sources and analytics, the real number of real MuleSoft specialists is not greater than 20.000. When we subtract those 1.800 from Salesforce and the 2.500 from MuleSoft LLC, we arrive at a number of about 15.000 MuleSoft related specialists in the whole World.

To understand how low this number is, you should for example compare it with a number of PHP developers (over 6 million) or the number of JavaScript developers (over 14 million) or even the number of Symfony developers (over 600.000), which for sure represents a technology that is not so widely used as the first two. Regardless of what companies with their budget planing and head hunters will tell you, you must never forget how rare it is to find a MuleSoft specialist such as you and you should name your price accordingly, because without you or better to say us, who is going to finish all those current and potential integrations?

MuleSoft developers statistics

As already mentioned, there are less than 20.000 MuleSoft specialists in the world. Little bit more than 18.000 of them are MuleSoft developers. Some of them are certified (11.000) and some of them are not (7.000), but that does not mean that they are not good. With around 2.800 non-certified MuleSoft developers, India is in the lead in front of the USA that follows with 2.500. With 4.500 MuleSoft certified developers, India is again in the lead which represents 41% of this part of the community. The USA hold second position with 2.900 developers, which represents 26% and Australia and New Zealand have something less than 800 (7%). UK has 500, Canada around 400, Spain 200, Germany less than 170 and France has 140 MuleSoft certified developers.

These numbers become much more interesting if you match them with the number of MuleSoft and Salesforce customers or with a size of the market or even with a number of people in a particular country.

MuleSoft architects statistics

MuleSoft architects are truly rare to find. According to our sources, there are only about 1870 MuleSoft certified architects. Around 750 present themselves exactly as mentioned, but there are also about 580 people who claim to be MuleSoft architects, without a magical “certified”. There are also 320 MuleSoft integration architects, about 140 MuleSoft platform architects and about 80 specialist that claim to be MuleSoft solution architects.

With 272 MuleSoft certified architects, India is again holding the first place with 36% and the USA has only 172 such specialists which represents 23%. Australia and New Zealand have 80 (11%) and the UK has about 70 MuleSoft certified architects, which represents about 9%.

To be one out of 1.350 on a planet with 7.674.000.000 people should teach you that you hold all the cards in your hand. You actually represent 0,000017592% of the human population. Are you paid according to this fact? Does you family benefit from it in a way as it should or are you letting some greedy company to benefit instead of you?

MuleSoft partner companies

There are around 360 MuleSoft partner companies, with a growth of at least 30 new companies within the past six months. About 150 of them are both MuleSoft and Salesforce partner companies in the same time. Of course, except for these companies that are listed as official MuleSoft partner companies, numerous additional companies provide MuleSoft services as well, so when choosing a partner company you should not only chose form the list on Google is your friend or you can always contact us here at Friends of MuleSoft for our consulting service, that will help you chose the best MuleSoft partner company for you and that will help you which of those to avoid.

More than 60% of the MuleSoft partner companies are present in at least one more country next to its headquarters. Around 75 of the MuleSoft partner companies whose headquarters are not located in India, have set up at least one representative office in that country. Between 10 and 15% of all partner companies have either been acquired by or made a partnership with another company. More than 60% of these acquiring companies are already MuleSoft partner companies.

Exactly 144 companies have less then 100 employees, 79 companies between 100 and 500, 26 companies between 500 and 1000, 63 of them 1.000 to 10.000, 26 companies have from 10.000 to 100.000 and finally 13 king size companies have over 100.000 employees. Nine biggest companies are as follows: IBM with 526.000 employees, Tata Cunsultancy (494.000), Accenture (467.000), Deloitte Digital (350.000), Cognizant (303.000), Capgemini (255.000), Infosys (255.000), PwC (251.000) and Wipro (244.000).

According to our estimates and data, 100 companies have less than two MuleSoft related employees. Such companies do not even meet the latest minimal MuleSoft requirements, regarding the number of developers and architects. Yet they are on the list of partner companies! Strange, is it not? 210 companies have less then 10 MuleSoft related employees, 62 have between 11 and 20 and 46 have between 21 and 100. Only 19 MuleSoft partner companies have between 100 and 1.000 MuleSoft related employees and only five companies have more than 1.000 such specialists. Only five in the world!

Reliability of MuleSoft partner companies

Although it might seem that all of those companies are respectable organizations, that is far from the truth. Some of those companies are almost a one-man-show. There are organizations where a couple of self-proclaimed CEO's sometimes take a role of an architect, sometimes they are project managers, sometimes they do human resource, sometimes sales, sometimes they think they can develop, sometimes they think they are attorneys and sometimes they put half of their family in the company. As the old saying says: “Jack of all trades is master of none.”

One could argue that for example a brother in law can be for sure the best possible choice for the company, but if the company has half of its employees gathered in that manner, is it a company or a private family circus? Sometimes some of those organizations have leadership that, because of the way how unreliably they conduct their business, are being mocked and called “carpet salesman” behind their back, thus alluding on small lies and deceit. Some of these companies have been punished by the court of law and some of them are getting rid of unwanted employees in an illegal way. Some of them even steal property of others, just to keep their pitiful organizations from disappearing from the market. Are you surprised? We were not, since we have spend a lot of years in car industry, where things are even worse.

Luckily there are some good choices on MuleSoft's list of partner companies. We also try to contribute to the transparency of the companies in the MuleSoft ecosystem in order to help promote those who deserve it and not to be quiet when it comes to thieves and liars. Our unique position in the world of MuleSoft opens many doors for us and bad companies with corrupt and lying management be aware - “Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi” will not work this time for some of you! We will make sure to keep this remarkable world of MuleSoft as clean and fair as it can be and we plan to contribute to that transparency in a way that world has not seen yet.

As some of you know, Friends of MuleSoft is getting its new UI some time soon. With a new UI, we are also going to publish a new Guide section, that will present every company know to us that is or will be offering MuleSoft services. Each company will have its own section with press clipping, reviews, interviews with management, answers to our questions, court judgments and decisions, our own ratings, list of locations where they actually hold the majority of their employees and various other information. It will first of all help the specialists to avoid bad apples and to chose the right employer for themselves and it will also be helpful for the future MuleSoft customers to be able to chose the right business partner. For the latter, FoMS will also offer some more elaborate consulting services which will give even more insight who is a “carpet salesman” and who is a real expert for you.

Recruiters and open positions

Just to remind you, we have gathered and analyzed the data first of all for you hard working specialists so that you can rethink your life’s plans, if you are not getting a piece of the cake as you should. If you are truly satisfied with where you currently are and what you are doing, make sure you show respect to the organization that provided you this opportunity and to give your best. Good organizations are more hard to find than you think and good managers are almost as rare as MuleSoft architects.

When it comes to open positions, do not trust your eyes. Trust your brain, since many of the adds for job positions are fake. Bad recruiters publish all kinds of positions, just to make sure you contact them, so that they should not loose time to search for you and to make one of their legendary “screenings” where they talk with you with a goal to fill their CRM with your data. Does it make sense for you? For sure, because you are a MuleSoft specialist. You are hard to find and they will call you back soon, but not sooner than their sales team finds one of those MuleSoft partner companies and/or potential customers, that offers a job position that could be matched with those keywords you said during that first call. But if you expect that the add that you applied for really exists, think again because it usually doesn’t. The best way to fight this is to work with all of those recruiters and to use each of them to provide one to two job offers to you, because it is all you can expect from them. More than two offers you will almost never get, so be aware of that fact, if you rely on a head hunter to find a job for you!

Again, according to our research, data and estimates, there are around 12.000 real(!) MuleSoft related open job positions in the USA only. India offers jobs for additional 3.000 MuleSoft specialists, Canada for 450 more, UK for 300, Germany for additional 300 and Australia for 280.

Let’s compare some of the data! Take Germany for instance. They call it forth industrial force in the world. It has over 80 million inhabitants with less then 200 certified MuleSoft specialists. We can easily assume that none of those less then 200 specialists is sitting at home, doing nothing and not taking part in some interesting MuleSoft project already. That leads us to another conclusion that Germany has a serious gap of 300 additional MuleSoft specialists for now! Take now those 15% from the growth of MuleSoft and this fourth industrial force will have to simply pay more and more for the specialists, if it will ever want to fulfill those 300 empty job positions. And what happens if the companies stick to their budgets and decide that they will simply not pay more? Well in that case those 300 places will stay empty forever, many of those less then 200 MuleSoft specialists will leave to those employers and/or places where they will get more money per hour and these budgeting experts will have to learn MuleSoft themselves, in order to keep their integration layer up and running.

When it comes to Germany, one of the often asked specific requirements is to speak German, which is actually not very reasonable, taking these numbers into consideration. In case that you actually are a German speaking MuleSoft specialist, you should charge more for that completely unnecessary requirement, since almost all MuleSoft projects are conducted in English.

Data as a source of power

At the end of the article, we will give you the last information that you are missing, in order to do the same thing that companies do – to try to get more money for yourself. Here are the average salaries for the MuleSoft developer in a few representative countries. This should help you to find out which of the little three piggies you are: the underpaid one, the averagely paid one or the lucky one.

Low: 80.000 USD/68.000€
High: 132.000 USD/112.000€
Median: 86.000 USD/73.000€

Low: 104.000 USD/89.000€
High: 124.000 USD/106.000€
Median: 106.000 USD/90.000€

Low: 77.000 USD/66.000€
High: 129.000 USD/110.000€
Median: 98.000 USD/84.000€

Low: 10.000 USD/8.500€
High: 27.000 USD/23.000€
Median: 16.000 USD/13.600€

United Kingdom
Low: 68.000 USD/58.000€
High: 104.000 USD/89.000€
Median: 82.000 USD/70.000€

United States
Low: 110.000 USD/94.000€
High: 150.000 USD/128.000€
Median: 123.000 USD/105.000€

Except to search for a better permanent position, you can always chose to found your own company and to become a part of the ecosystem as a MuleSoft partner company. If the “carpet salesman” could do it, so can you! You can also choose to be a freelancer and to charge by hourly rates. Any path you chose, make sure that you assess your knowledge and your experience appropriately and try to play it fair. Remember, good companies are hard to find. Good luck to you all!

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