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Who is an Integration Trailblazer?

Who is an Integration Trailblazer?
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E. Schatz29.11.2019

A trailblazer generally represents someone who is making a track where no man has been before. A pioneer.

Two magical words: Digital transformation. It sounds good, even if you don't fully understand what it means. Nowadays every company is undergoing digital transformation and integration has surpassed itself as a need - it became a strategy. IT managers are trying to include members of their teams without technical IT knowledge, into this ongoing change.

They are hoping that, by using API-lead approach and integration, they will manage to include specialist from marketing, sales, business and data analytics, human resources and other fields, into this process. Will they manage that someone without technical IT knowledge reads API-s definitions and/or resources, and actually builds something with this data, it is hard to say. I generally doubt it, but time will show.

Anyhow, MuleSoft naturally has a name for such advanced individuals. To quote their definition: "An Integration Trailblazer is anyone who encourages their organization to leverage APIs and integration to transform customer experiences."

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