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Integration value calculators for C-level management

Integration value calculators for C-level management
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E. Schatz29.11.2019

Mathematics is the best argument. It is always smart to defend your position in a debate with pure numbers. That's why you should use objective calculation methods, to not make a mistake.

You are a C-level executive that needs to take a decision related to the integration. You know you need it. But how to actually calculate the benefit of investment? Luckily MuleSoft has prepared several practical tools to help you in making your decision.

Integration value calculator

With this tool you will be able to gain information on how much the time-to-market will speed up, how high the reduction of your operational costs is going to be and how much the productivity of developers is going to increase. You will answer a few questions, such as what is your developers FTE (full time equivalent) rate or how your current integration looks like with your current tools, the maintenance, etc, and you will get some data to think about.

You can find the Integration value calculator here.

Ten steps to calculate the ROIA

This calculator is focused on reuse of an IT assets as one of the key ways how to optimize your expenses. It uses a 10-step formula to calculate the projected ROI (Return of Investment) of your IT assets. It is going to take into consideration various assets such as development, maintenance, value of one instance of use and opportunities for reuse. It is going to combine results based on values that you enter in the calculator and on the basis of those results, it is going to give you a Return of Integration Asset (ROIA) amount. Again, you can use those numerical indicators to optimize and prioritize your integration development.

You can find the Ten Step Tool here.



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