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Become a member of Friends of Mulesoft

Become a member of Friends of Mulesoft
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E. Schatz / FoMS24.11.2019

Would you like to benefit more from your knowledge of Mulesoft? Then simply become a member and we will help you to achieve exactly what you want.

Friends of MuleSoft is here to connect you with real business opportunities. Our idea is to provide income through ads and cooperation with companies and to let you use this online place the way you want and the way it should be - for free, and with your own direct access to the companies with no head hunter in between. Only you, your knowledge and a MuleSoft partner company that wants you.

We know you know a lot. We know how many hours, days and nights, months and years of your life you have spent to have just about that level of knowledge that you have now and we respect it. That is why FoMS needs you to become a member to help build this community and you deserve to have your own freedom in the world of Mulesoft. You deserve to be able to negotiate a good salary for your work and to be happy while you play with Mule. And we believe we deserve your support. So, join us please now and make this place a little bit more interesting.


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