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Next FoMS meetup canceled

Next FoMS meetup canceled
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E. Schatz3.3.2020

As we already mentioned, we plan to organize meetups all over the world. Our next meetup was already prepared with one of our MuleSoft partner companies from Switzerland, but unfortunately we had to cancel it, because of the current situation regarding the coronavirus.

Since the number of infected is increasing daily, we have also decided to stop all activities regarding our meetups, until further notice. We believe that exactly gatherings such as meetups where new and unacquainted people interact with one another in one closed space, represent one of the most dangerous things that any of us can do right now, while the virus is constantly spreading day after day.

Our decision was not taken likely and we have been tracking the situation very closely for weeks now. Unfortunately, we strongly believe that this is the only logical decision to be made right now. We are very sorry for the inconvenience but as soon as the situation regarding the spreading of the coronavirus settles down, we will continue with our usual activities.

Instead of organizing meetups, we will use the time to create some online content that could be helpful to our MuleSoft community, so stay tuned.

We wish us all a lot of calm, reason and most of all, good luck in times that are ahead of us!

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