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New FoMS Academy offers new FoMS Certificates

New FoMS Academy offers new FoMS Certificates
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E. Schatz28.4.2021

What is competency-based learning? What is so special about FoMS Academy? Find out more about our new project.

In coordination with professors and members of some of the best European universities, a new project called FoMS Academy has been started by the Friends of MuleSoft. It is an advanced learning and certification system, based on so called competency-based learning, which is an advanced and modern framework for teaching and assessment of learning. It is based on predetermined competencies and its focus is on outcomes and real world performance.

Instead of using traditional methods of teaching and assessment, our future students will have the opportunity to attempt a given competency multiple times and receive continuous feedback from instructors. That way, every student will have to demonstrate real mastery of each competence and only after passing meaningful types of assessment by every competence that a learning plan is consisted of, the student will earn hers or his right to get one of the FoMS certificates.

Through individualized support for students and through the application of knowledge, FoMS Academy will be able to produce experts that do not need to be reevaluated before every MuleSoft project or before every job interview, which is now the case, even for those who have an official MuleSoft certificate.

Individual or group based courses

Each organization will be able to chose between having one FoMS instructor per one student or group approach with an instructor. In any case, instructor is going to follow the student through the certification pathway. The instructor is required to evaluate each learning outcome, in terms of performance and knowledge and, by using predefined FoMS levels of evaluation, to finally decide if the student has acquired the knowledge to pass certain competency.

It is so called student focused learning and our primary goal with the FoMS Academy is to make sure that only those who have really earned the right to get a FoMS Certificate, get it. We did not aim to create a learning environment similar to easy to get diplomas and certificates, where anyone can upload, usually stolen content, and issue some certificate that does not guaranty almost anything.

We at FoMS Academy believe that without real practical application of MuleSoft and other technologies, a student can not actually be ready to be involved in a MuleSoft project. We also believe that without rigorous and permanent testing of knowledge, during the learning procedure, no organization can guarantee that the student has actually learned all the competencies that a good certificate should represent.

Does it sound hard to pass? Probably, but we are determined to make sure that a FoMS certified specialist is being respected in every MuleSoft related organization and that is why we emphasize quality before quantity of students.

One certificate - one learning plan, multiple courses

In order to become a FoMS certified specialist, a student will have to take a learning plan (path), which will result with one or multiple FoMS certificates. Learning plans consist of many competencies that all will need to be mastered, in order to receive the certificate. Those competencies will be behind various parts of multiple smaller courses, that the student will need to successfully finish, in order to get a positive evaluation by the instructor for each competence. Sometimes it will mean that the student will need to take a quiz, sometimes to create a Mule app on his own PC and to upload it for evaluation, and sometimes it will mean that the student will need to go through some other kind of the assessment.

It is going to be fun!
Is it going to be fun? Yes, very much! It will be learning split in little modules, unpredictable, supported by multimedia and with a help from the best instructors you can imagine. Can you be sure that you will get the certificate, just because you will pay for the learning process? No, you will really have to show the knowledge. Is every evaluation going to be proctored? Not everything, but it is going to be so unpredictable, so hidden and so constant that, only if you will have someone who already knows everything sitting right next to you for the whole time of the learning process, you will be able to cheat.

A FoMS certificate will be something far more serious, more hard to get and more respected than any other current certification procedure in the world of MuleSoft.

FoMS Certificates for specialists and managers

At the FoMS Academy, you will be able to choose from one of the learning plans:

- FoMS Certified MuleSoft Developer Level 1
- FoMS Certified MuleSoft Developer Level 2
- FoMS Certified MuleSoft Project Implementer Level 1
- FoMS Certified MuleSoft Project Implementer Level 2
- FoMS Certified HTTP Request Manager
- FoMS Certified RAML Manager
- FoMS Certified RAML Developer
- FoMS Certified Scrum Master
- FoMS Certified Delivery Manager Level 1
- FoMS Certified Delivery Manager Level 2

We made sure that we offer purposeful, small and fun to learn certification plans adopted for managers.

For example, as a delivery manager, you do not have to be able to write RAML files from scratch, but you still would like to be able to talk as an equal with a developer or an architect about it? No problem, take some of our learning plans for managers and you will learn RAML without coding.

Or learn an architecture of an HTTP request without overwhelming technical terms. It will be fun and at the end, you will have a unique certificate that will make a difference between you and other managers.

Such FoMS courses are all those who have a word "Manager" in its title.

FoMS Certified MuleSoft Developer Level 1

A developer with this certificate should be able to successfully contribute to Mule 4 projects with more simple repetitive tasks, which include coding logic of more simple flows.

FoMS Certified MuleSoft Developer Level 2

A developer with this certificate should be able to successfully take part in Mule 4 projects without anyone’s help, regarding development in Anypoint Studio or in the Design Center.

FoMS Certified MuleSoft Project Implementer Level 1

A project implementer can become anyone who completes certain number of dummy projects that include skills and situations that real Mule projects include. It is a pure practice, guided and helped by the experienced instructor.

FoMS Certified MuleSoft Project Implementer Level 2

A project implementer of a higher level is a level 1 project implementer, that completes additional enterprise integration dummy projects, in order to get even more experience.

FoMS Certified HTTP Request Manager

This learning plan aims to help managers to learn the architecture of the HTTP request, which includes additional practical knowledge such as RAML, APIs, etc.

FoMS Certified RAML Manager

Whit this learning plan, also aimed at managers, we tried to create a simple and fun learning environment for managers, who would like to know something abou RAML, but would not like to lose time with too many technicalities.

FoMS Certified RAML Developer

This learning plan is a complete course to RAML, with all the extras that go with it.

FoMS Certified Scrum Master

In the world of agile software development, we simply had to support Scrum as well. This learning plan has many competencies that are needed in Delivery Manager learning plans.

FoMS Certified Delivery Manager Level 1

A little bit of MuleSoft, a little bit of project management and a little bit of agile and the competences for a successful delivery manager are there. Level one for less technicalities.

FoMS Certified Delivery Manager Level 2

An upgrade to the level 1 delivery manager learning plan, with more details, practical applications and technicalities.

Sign up for your new FoMS certificate today

The FoMS Academy is being rechecked by multiple specialist from various fields of IT, because we want to make sure that all the offered learning materials have been checked, double checked and perfected as much as it is humanly possible.

If you personally or your organization are interested in getting one of the FoMS certificates, please contact us by email [email protected], where you will get the pricing and all the details regarding the FoMS Academy.


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