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Welcome to Friends of MuleSoft community

Welcome to Friends of MuleSoft community
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E. Schatz24.11.2019

What is Friends of Mulesoft? Why was it created? What does it hope to become?

When I started to deal with Mulesoft, there was no one to help me with it. The documentation was filled with misleading sentences, various versions of Mule were mixed up and above all that, I was using Anypoint Studio on Windows, which was nothing less than a catastrophe. I had to squeeze out every last bit of my 20 years of experience in programming and IT, to understand what am I actually dealing with. Not to mention that it was my first contact with integration as well.

FoMS tries to connect companies and experts.
Today when everything makes sense for me in the world of Mulesoft and integration, I rather often see this unnecessary complicated IT language used from those who already understand things, towards those who are just beginning or who just need to solve a simple problem.

I try not to forget how ridiculous I felt when I realized that we basically push a message through a flow, and yet people were in the beginning emphasizing authentication and authorization, tokens and complex connectors and flows, while basic and simple things were not mentioned.

That is why I came to an idea to start this community network as a place for all those who want to deal with MuleSoft. A place that will try to use common language to describe complex technology. A place where you can find free education, where you can be those eight hours a day in the office, while doing your programming in Mule.

I wanted to create a community that can give us an answer to our questions exactly when we need it and a place that will connect MuleSoft partners and IT experts, without a headhunter in between.

Discovering Friends of MuleSoft

This website has various parts that are here to enrich our stay online. The news section is here to keep us informed. Profiles are a part where we find and meet one another and the guide is a part where we keep all important information about MuleSoft related companies.

The forum is our public online square where we share knowledge, ask and answer questions and spend our time just reading what others have to say. And last but not least, a blackboard with live notes as your own private part of the community where you can post, share, like and dislike what ever you want with your own selected group of people.

But, you people are smart anyhow. You will figure this website out yourself, so to keep it short and simple - have fun!

Would you like to become a part of FoMS team?

If you think you can be interesting to others when talking about Mule and related subjects, you could join us. In case you fully understand MuleSoft and integration, if your knowledge of written and spoken english is good enough that you could be published, if you can edit photos and if you do not give up easily. It could be your chance to show the world how much you actually know.


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