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By becomming a Superuser you are helping the maintenance and development of this project. Your funds will be used to pay programmers, designers, journalists, administrators, servers, bandwith... You are making it possible for us to promisse you that we will never sell your e-mails, spy on you or in any other ways abuse this community by selling your data and making money behind your back. Everyone who becommes a Superuser actually becomes a big friend of this community which oblige us to try be beter in the future.

Unlimited search of profilesYesYes
Sending messagesYesYes
Daily gain of free Credits amount for online user864 Credit864 Credit
Message cost (except towards Portal's experts)10 Credit0 Credit
Message length150500
Message storage time14 days3 months
Maximum number of favorite users50Unlimited
Maximum number of friends100Unlimited
Lenght of memorizing time on the list of profile visitors1 day7 days
Lenght of memorizing time of live notes7 days30 days
Blocking usersYesYes
User matchingYesYes
Maximum number of blogs1Unlimited
Superblog with header picture, news desk possiblity, private forum, gallery and with no ads NoYes
Offical pageNoYes
Maximum number of groups2Unlimited
Supergroup with forum, gallery, possiblity to be hidden and with no ads NoYes
Maximum number of events5Unlimited
Blocking ads on the portalNoYes
Blocking portal's information on the blackboardNoYes
Blocking ads in private messagesNoYes
View pictures on forumNoYes
Advanced searchNoYes
Saved searchesNoYes
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