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Exam Question MS-21-051 for MuleSoft Certified Developer (MCD) - Level 1

Exam Question MS-21-051 for MuleSoft Certified Developer (MCD) - Level 1
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Refer to the exhibits. The main flow contains an HTTP Request in the middle of the flow. The HTTP Listeners and HTTP Request use default configurations. A web client submits a request to the main flow's HTTP Listener that includes query parameters for the pedigree of the piano. What values are accessible to the Logger component at the end of the main flow?


A) Payload
B) Payload and the pedigree query parameters
C) Payload and the producer variable
D) Payload, the pedigree query parameters and the producer variable

The correct answer to this question is C.


Since the child flow is being called by using the HTTP Request component, query parameters are going to be replaced by new query parameters or none if there are none. At the end, value of payload and flow variables are kept the same in the Logger in the main flow.

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